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What are you here to create?

Can you feel it too? That you’re here to break free from something? And create something completely new?

Make a real difference. For you, the planet, ecosystems, animals, culture and people.

Do you see it?

You’re created a life you love to wake up to, with the people you love hanging out with. You feel safe to express your boundaries and you’re filling your life only with things that light you up.​

You know your greatest gifts and how to use them, and your job lifts you and everyone around you

You’re creating a regenerative world, starting within yourself.

Are you ready to start your journey?


Is this where you want to be?

You feel safe and know what is right for you, even when you feel out of control

You know how to listen to your intuition

You’re using what triggers you to change and grow


You’ve found your unique gifts and what your soul wants to express in this lifetime

You have clear boundaries which makes your energy levels high

You know how to move forward and create the life you desire

You allow yourself to take up space and be you

Let me hold space for your growth

Hi, I'm Caroline

In 2019, I my career path was clear


I just finished two year as a trainee

Had my own podcast

An impressive resume


But I had grown too comfortable

Thought I was in control

Quite arrogant actually


So I chose to listen to my heart, and follow a new path

A path where I could no longer hide

a path that would show the world who I was


​When Rising From Plant Whispers first came to me, it crushed me


At least everything I thought I was. I was forced out of my fortress. Vulnerable, naked, honest.


It became my opportunity to rise


​Now, I want to help you do the same


This coaching is for you who

  • are done pretending to be something you’re not and ready to find out who you are

  • know you can live your best life and at the same time make a difference in the world

  • know you carry an important piece of the future within you, but need help finding it

  • know that true change starts within, and are ready to take responsibility for yourself and be of service

  • ready to step out of your comfort zone and let your intuition and heart lead the way

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