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In 2019, I my career path was clear


I just finished two year as a trainee

Had my own podcast

An impressive resume


But I had grown too comfortable

Thought I was in control

Quite arrogant actually


So I chose to listen to my heart, and follow a new path

A path where I could no longer hide

a path that would show the world who I was


​When Rising From Plant Whispers first came to me, it crushed me


At least everything I thought I was. I was forced out of my fortress. Vulnerable, naked, honest.


It became my opportunity to rise


​Now, I want to help you do the same

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Hi, I'm Caroline

As seen in


My background

Ever since I was a child, I had the ability to see right through others


A gift that brought me into a deep confusion


Because I never understood why everyone was so unfaithful towards themselves. Saying things they didn’t mean, and doing things they didn’t like


I stopped believing in myself and my intuition


It led me on my path to rediscover who I was


And on the way, I took a bachelor’s degree in plant science and a master’s degree in agroecology. I studied development studies, cultural psychology and multicultural understanding. 


Through studies and work, I’ve traveled the world and gained insights about myself, culture, and our food system 


In 2019, I started my own podcast, pursuing a future regenerative food system. A system where food and food production is the key to rebuild culture, humans, health, soil and ecosystems.


1,5 years later, the podcast became the start of my entrepreneur journey. A journey that would lead me to birth Rising From Plant Whispers, and rise into what I came here to do.


Today, I want to help you do the same.

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